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WINNING at therace of life

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Please visit each of our sites to the left to get to know all that Sammy does. See why people come from all over the world to have him build a high performance engine for their vehicle. Explore all the great things Sammy and his team are doing for the community. Watch a few videos of the lives that have been touched through his outreach. And be thrilled by the amazing stunts Sammy has done for movies such as Mission Impossible, Fast and Furious, The Hitcher, Three Kings, Burn Notice and Miami Vice just to name a few from the many years of being in the business.


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Remember, you can have all the horsepower in the world, but if you can't hook it up, you don't get the checkered flag. Keep those slicks good and hot. Make sure those pressures are right where they need to be and then go cut a good light.